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| Our Mission

The Geneva-based Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations is an international foundation established in 2007 to promote the institution of regular dialogue between the world’s peoples, cultures, civilisations and religions in order to promote peace, justice and tolerance.

The Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations was founded by Mohammad Khatami, former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the initiator and key sponsor of the 2001 United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilisations. The foundation aims to build upon the successes of the United Nations year and further implement the recommendations of the relevant UN resolutions.

Through its work, the Foundation aims to contribute to enhanced and meaningful dialogue, strengthened interactions and exchange among and within different cultures, religions, countries and civilisations. The Foundation believes that dialogue among civilisations is conducive to mutual understanding, tolerance, peaceful coexistence and international cooperation and security.

Strategic objectives of the Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations include:

- promoting and facilitating the peaceful resolution of conflicts and/disputes,
- reconciling tensions between cultures, countries and religions
- promoting and facilitating the much needed dialogue between Muslim societies and other societies around the world.
- contributing to academic research and enriching the wider debate around peace in the world


The Foundation for Dialogue Among Civilisations will fulfil its objectives through:

- the organization of diverse cultural, artistic, and scientific events including debates, fora, symposia and seminars designed to encourage exchange between cultures and civilisations in the spirit of the Foundation
- maintaining, and when needed, initiating regular communication with experts in the field as well as with all other foundations or associations with similar or complementary objectives.
- the publication of articles and reports resulting from research carried out by the Foundation’s committees and debates at its workshops

The Foundation welcomes proposals of cooperation, contribution and support by individuals and institutions with transparent activities in favour of dialogue, reconciliation and peace.
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  • Global Agenda for Dialogue among Civilizations
  • Year of Dialogue among Civilisatins
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